The Nesta Chrome boiler is designed to work in cascade, up to a maximum of 6 boilers and a maximum output of 900 kW.

This modular system is easy to install thanks to the stainless steel hydraulic cascade kits and the accessories manufactured by AIC. Nesta Chrome cascade is particularly suitable for those medium and large installations where the heating demand is variable according to building usage.

commercial cascade boiler

Cascade control: how does it work?

To maintain the best seasonal efficiency with the lowest emissions, it is necessary that all Nesta Chrome boilers that make up the cascade work at the lowest thermal load possible. This achieves the maximum efficiency of each boiler and reduces the on/off sequencing to a minimum.

By setting optimal values of maximum and minimum parameters, the cascade will work within these measurements, and go beyond these limits only when the system demands.

Nesta Chrome stainless steel cascade

Cascade In line and Back to Back

AIC offers a complete and easy to install cascade system, designed to fit multiple layout options. Multiple configurations are available for installation from two to six Nesta Chrome boilers, either in line with wall brackets or mounting frames suitable for in line or back to back installations.

  • Greater design flexibility
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Greater reliability
  • Greater efficiency

Comprehensive range of stainless steel hydraulic kits

AIC has designed and manufactured a series of complete accessories to facilitate installation and maintenance of the cascade, including:

Cascade hydraulic kit complete with:

  • stainless steel flow and return manifold DN 100
  • stainless steel gas header
  • circulation pumps
  • isolating valves for each individual boiler
  • condensate drain pipes
  • moulded insulation


  • brazed plate heat exchanger or low loss header
  • flue exhaust manifold complete with non-return valves
  • in line or back to back boiler support frames.


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