Aurax EVI 2 Tube

High efficiency reversible air/water heat pump

The Aurax series consists of medium and high-power air-to-water heat pumps for commercial or industrial installations. It is an aerothermal heat pump optimized for maximum efficiency in heating mode: it can operate up to outside temperatures of - 20°C and produce hot water up to a temperature of 65°C.

-20 °C

operate up to outside temperatures of

65 °C
produce hot water up to a temperature of

COP up to


Heating capacity (EN14511) [1] kW 24
Total input power (EN14511) [1] kW 5.2
COP (EN14511) [1] W/W 4.61
Energy class in low temperature [2] A++
SCOP low temperature [2] kWh/kWh 4.1
ηs,h low temperature [2] % 160.8
Energy class in medium temperature [2] A++
SCOP medium temperature [2] kWh/kWh 3.25
ηs,h medium temperature [2] % 127
Cooling capacity (EN14511) [3] kW 20.9
Total input power (EN14511) [3] kW 7.1
EER (EN14511) [3] W/W 2.94
Sound power dB (A) 78
Sound pressure dB (A) 46
Power supply V/Ph/Hz 400/3+N/50
Compressors/ Circuits n. / n. 2 / 1
Fans n. 2
Refrigerant R410A
Refrigerant gas kg 6.9
Global warming potential (GWP) 2088
Equivalent CO2 charge t 14.5
[1] Operating conditions in Heating: temp. outdoor air dry bulb T = 7°C, temp. humic bulb T = 6°C, temp. delivery water T = 35°C, temp. return water T = 30°C.
[2] Temperate, variable climate - Reg EU 811/2013.
[3] Operating conditions in Cooling: temp. outdoor air dry bulb T = 35°C, temp. delivery water T = 7°C, temp. return water T = 12°C.


height [A] mm 1470
length [B] mm 1910
depth [C] mm 900
empty weight kg 560
Aurax EVI 2 Tube AE 24 T2

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How EVI Enhanced Vapor Injection technology works

Aurax Evi heat pumps are equipped with 2 Scroll compressors with steam injection (EVI technology) which guarantee high efficiency even at low external temperatures. EVI stands for “economised vapour injection”. The technology involves injecting subcooled refrigerant vapour into the middle of the compression process, a procedure that increases evaporation and significantly boosts capacity and efficiency.

This allows the heat pump to produce water up to 65 °C and to maintain operation to an ambient temperature of - 20 °C.


Features & Benefits

Single refrigerant circuit equipped with 2 high efficiency Scroll compressors, mounted in their own compartment and protected from the ambient air ensuring high efficiency even at low external temperatures/br>
Finned coil source coil with copper pipes and aluminum fin with Blue Fin hydrophilic treatment as standard.

Fans with axial wing-shaped aluminum blades and direct current motor capable of delivering the highest energy efficiency class. These are fixed to the frame via rubber anti-vibration mountings to reduce noise

Key Features & Benefits

  • All models are reversible
  • Anti-legionella program
  • Brazed user exchangers in AISI 316 stainless steel
  • Quiet operation
  • 3-way valve control
  • Refrigerant gas R410 A
  • Remote control
  • Classe A++

“Super Silence Floating Frame” option

Todas las bombas de calor Aurax son de serie extremadamente silenciosas. Además está disponible la opción “Super Silence Floating Frame” que permite reducir el ruido en aproximadamente 4-5 dB (A) en comparación con las versiones estándar. Esta opción incluye:

■ Base flotante

■ Aislamiento fonoabsorbente

■ Amortiguadores “Anaconda”


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