Nesta Plus

High Efficiency Condensing Boilers

This class leading design of the Nesta Plus with large volume primary water ensures maximum heat extraction. These features allow a large increase in power with minimal increase in the boiler footprint, the perfect solution when plantroom space is at a premium. The high volume of heating water ensures boiler stability and maximum heat extraction, making the Nesta Plus the perfect solution for any application with a high output requirement but limited plantroom space.


NOx class:

108 %
Thermal efficiency up to:

Modulation ratio


heat input (net) G20 kW 44 - 265
heat input (net) G31 kW 66 – 265
heat output at 80/60°C G20 kW 42.2 - 258
heat output at 80/60°C G31 kW 64 – 258
heat output at 50/30°C G20 kW 47.3 - 281.6
heat output at 50/30°C G31 kW 70 – 276.8


heating efficiency 80/60°C % 96 - 97.4
heating efficiency 50/30°C % 107.5 - 106.3
useful efficiency at 30% (return 30°C) % 108.3
seasonal efficiency % 93


water content l 291
gas category I2E(S). I2E. I2H. I2ELL. I2HS. I2N. I2EK. I3P. I2E(R). II2E3P. II2E(S)3P. II2EK3P. II2H3P. II2L3P. II2E+3P. II2E(R)3P. II2Esi3P. II2Er3P
gas type G20 - G25 - G25.1 - G25.3 - G31
chimney type(s) B23 - B23p - C43 - C53 - C63 - C83
CO emission mg/kWh 26.8
gas flow rate (G20) m3/h 4.5 - 26.2
gas flow rate (G31) m3/h 2.5 - 10.2
NOx class 6


boiler width (A) mm 760
boiler height (B) mm 1970
boiler depth (C) mm 1310
empty weight kg 578


air inlet mm 150
gas connection in G 1 1/2
water outlet in Flange DN 80 Class PN 16
water inlet in Flange DN 80 Class PN 16
chimney connection mm 180
condensate drain mm 26.7
Nesta Plus NP 280


At the core of all Nesta Plus boilers is our stainless steel Fire Tube heat exchanger. The use of high-grade stainless steel alloys ensures product durability, reliability, and higher resistance to corrosion and oxidation.

The unique Fire Tube design of Nesta heat exchangers is market proven technology, manufactured in Poland and distributed worldwide for many years.


Responsive Modulation

Nesta Plus is a high output single pass condensing boiler with an impressive 10:1 modulation range. This places it as one of the best in class, providing high seasonal returns and significant savings on gas consumption.

Linear modulation addresses the needs of higher output plantrooms, which allows the boiler to consistently achieve maximum efficiency, limiting boiler cycling as much as possible. This technology is effective not only in new generation heating systems, but also in the replacement of older boilers in existing buildings.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Self-cleaning flue ways
  • Internal circuit piping in welded stainless steel
  • Low pressure drop
  • Compact dimensions
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Lifting points for transportation and positioning
  • Low NOx

Control panel

Nesta Plus controller enables remote boiler management by web server connectivity. One of primary benefits of this advanced integrated control system is the optimalisation of periodic servicing using self diagnostics, assisting the engineer prior to attending site.


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