Condensing instantaneous water heater with integrated storage

Texas is a condensing high performance water heater with 500 litres of storage, with outputs of 99 and 230 kW. Manufactured from duplex grade stainless steel, the Texas water heater is defined by its patented Helical Fire Tube heat exchanger, offering low pressure drop and large surface area for maximum heat transfer. The Texas water heater is the perfect product selection when significant peak demand and continuous flow of DHW is a major requirement.

6900 l/h

DHW production at 40°C up to

1 m2
Small footprint

Wide modulation ratio


Nominal heat input (Q) G20 kW 18,3 - 99
Nominal heat input (Q) G31 kW 24 - 99
Nominal useful output (P) G20 kW 105.1
Nominal useful output (P) G31 kW 105.2
Efficiency (expressed in terms of NCV) for continuous draw-off at constant dT (ηu) G20 % 106.2
Efficiency (expressed in terms of NCV) for continuous draw-off at constant dT (ηu) G31 % 106.3


Power consumption W 169
Supply voltage / Frequency /Current V/Hz/A 230/50/6
Protection class IP X4D
Water content (V) ltr 500
Minimum water pressure bar 0,8
Maximum water pressure bar 10
Maximum DHW temperature °C 80
Gas type(s) G20 - G25 - G25.1 - G25.3 - G31
Gas categories I2E(S), I2E, I2H, I2ELL, I2HS, I2N, I2EK, I3P ,I2E(R), II2E3P, II2E(S)3P,II2EK3P,II2H3P,II2L3P,II2E+3P,II2E(R)3P,II2Esi3P,II2Er3P
CO emission G20 mg/kWh 4.3
CO emission G31 mg/kWh 10.74
NOx level 37.6
Mass flow rate of flue gases g/s 8 - 42
Maximum flue gas temperature °C 60


Water inlet connection (M) in. G 2
Water outlet connection (M) in. G 2
Water recirculation (M) in. G 1
Drain valve in. G 2
Gas (M) in. G 3/4
Condensate drain ø in. 26.7
Flue gas mm 150
Air connection ø mm 100


Width (A) mm 880
Height (B) mm 2.174
Depth (C) mm 1.233
Empty weight kg 415
Texas Tx 99

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The nature of Duplex stainless steel and its corrosion-resistant properties make it the perfect choice for installations where the water may be particularly rich in chlorides, such as sports centres, swimming pools, campsites, hotels, spas, and many more.

When designing the Texas, consideration was taken to ensure we delivered a product with a small footprint allowing easy installation in plantrooms with space constraints.


Up to 6.900 litres/hour from a 1 m2 footprint

Consideration was taken when designing Texas to ensure as small a footprint as possible, allowing easy installation in plantrooms with space constraints. All models in the Texas range have a width that allows an easy passage through a 90 cm wide doorway, ensuring easy access to the plantroom and occupy only 1 m2 floor space once installed.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Helical Fire Tube heat exchanger in Duplex stainless steel
  • High production of peak and continuous DHW
  • 100% condensing
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • Fast recovery times
  • Wide modulation ratio 6:1
  • No need for protection anode
  • Compact dimensions

Domestic hot water always in condensation

Texas water heater fully condenses thanks to the specific geometry of the Helical heat exchanger which exposes the cold-water supply to the cooled flue gasses by condensing them in the bottom part of the unit. The water then travels up countercurrent to the flow of the flue gasses, significantly increasing the heat transfer, thermal efficiency and performance. The integrated circulation pump maximises the uniformity of temperature inside the storage tank and helps eliminates the risk of legionella.


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