Twin wall cylinders

The twin wall stainless steel cylinders from AIC feature many advantages over traditional domestic hot water storage tanks. The twin wall concept represented in SILOX cylinders is a combination of two tanks, one inside the other. The production of domestic hot water occurs when the heat from the outer primary cylinder is transferred to the inner DHW cylinder, utilising the full surface area for superior heat transfer and reheat time.


stainless steel AISI

25 years
warranty DHW tank

performance 1st hr @ 60C


total capacity ltr 574


primary tank capacity ltr 141
max. primary temperature °C 110
max. operating primary pressure bar 3


secondary (DHW) tank capacity ltr 433
maximum temperature of (DHW) tank °C 90
maximum pressure of (DHW) tank bar 8


heat transfer area m2 2.8
standing heat loss W 103
energy efficiency class C


peak flow at 40°C ltr/10' 1.658
peak flow at 45°C ltr/10’ 1.229
peak flow at 60°C ltr/10’ 791
peak flow at 40°C ltr/60’ 4.159
peak flow at 45°C ltr/60’ 2.994
peak flow at 60°C ltr/60’ 1.731
continuous flow at 40°C ltr/h 2.65
continuous flow at 45°C ltr/h 2.161
continuous flow at 60°C ltr/h 1.283
heating time (from 10 to 60°C) min. 32
primary flow rate m3/h 7.6
Primary: 85°C - DHW Inlet 10°


external diameter [A] mm 770
overall height [B] mm 1.728
dimension [C] mm 1.491
dimension [D] mm 190
dimension [E] mm 190
dimension [F] mm 835
empty weight kg 133
Silox Sx 600

Product design

Internal tank with corrugated geometry which maximises the effects of contraction and expansion of the walls limiting the formation of limescale on the large exchange surface. Cylinder for the transfer and store of domestic hot water with high thermal heat exchange area in AISI 316L stainless steel.

Silox models from 180 to 600 have four opposite connections on the primary side to allow power to be supplied from multiple heat sources (boiler, heat pump, biomass, etc.).


Additional Features

Silox cylinders are equipped with a DHW inspection port as standard to facilitate inspection and maintenance.

Integrated control panel, complete with on-off switch, control thermostat, thermometer, and operating indicators.

Light grey external coating in PVC laminated on polyester with anti UV fading properties.

All models have a connection for an optional electric back up heater up to 12kW.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Self-descaling
  • Anti-legionella
  • Stainless steel AISI - 316L
  • DHW tank inspection flange
  • Low heat losses according to DIN 4753/8
  • Thick insulation in injected polyurethane foam (without CFC and HCFC)
  • Connection provided for single electric heater (optional) in the primary water
  • Maximum exchangeable power absorption from 35 to 150 kW


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